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Redstor is a leading global provider of cloud
backup and disaster recovery software and services
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Redstor initiates counter-ransomware campaign

Oct 19th, 2016

Redstor, a specialist cloud software and backup services provider, says an offsite, isolated data backup regime is the only sure-fire way of recovering from a ransomware attack.

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The impact of cloud backups on data

Oct 3rd, 2016

Cloud backup has been absorbed into the disaster recovery plans of many organisations.

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Brexit and impact on global long term investment in ICT

Sep 12th, 2016

Redstor believes that the fallout of Brexit can- and will impact emerging markets globally, and specifically on data protection and sovereignty legislation.

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MiWay ensures data availability with Redstor

Sep 5th, 2016

Direct short-term insurer MiWay depends on Redstor to support data backup and recovery of over 25TB of critical data.

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Data Visualisation – a new way of making it work for you

Aug 23rd, 2016

Applications use data to run but more importantly, it is the data they generate that gets used by businesses to do the analyses required to understand their customers, their competitors and their way forward.

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Unitrans very satisfied with Redstor’s cloud backup solution

Aug 15th, 2016

Supply chain solutions provider Unitrans has implemented Redstor’s backup solution to provide it with better redundancy and a more cost-effective way to manage its file server backups across 152 depots in South Africa and southern Africa.

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Planet Fitness gets its backups in shape with Redstor

Jul 27th, 2016

IT solutions provider and South African Redstor partner Integr8 has implemented the Redstor Titanium appliance at Planet Fitness to meet the backup and storage solution requirements of the health club group in South Africa.

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Rethinking cloud storage

Jul 15th, 2016

Danie Marais, founder of the software division at Redstor, feels that innovations in the market will herald significant shifts in how cloud storage is used.

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Stage2Data driving business continuity through Redstor

Jun 23rd, 2016

Stage2Data has been diversifying its client product offering in the Caribbean and Canada following its recent alliance with Redstor.

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Sage South Africa explains how Redstor helped to resolve backup and storage challenges with superior technology and excellent service

Jun 1st, 2016

Redstor Backup Pro is one of the fastest commercial backup clients on the market with its agile and scalable attributes.

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About Redstor

Redstor is a well-respected and trusted global provider of cloud backup and disaster recovery software and services, focused on partner-enabled cloud backup as a service (BaaS).

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