Dimension Data introduces IT financing service

Didata have released their new finance offering aimed at accelerating operations.

July 28, 2011

Dimension Data has announced the introduction of a new financial offering. Dimension Data Finance is a leasing and financing model that was developed in response to difficulties experienced by clients trying to upgrade or improve their IT infrastructures. It aims to accelerate and ease clients’ adoption of the technologies they need to improve competitiveness, through logistical management and finance support.

Dimension Data Finance offers three flexible financing and leasing options. These are New Equipment Rental, the Sell and Rent Back Plan, and the Exchange Plan. Depending on the client’s operational needs and equipment status, they can engage with Dimension Data to rent the equipment they need, introducing flexibility and affordability into the procurement strategy. Another option allows them to address the issue of replacing existing outdated infrastructure through a sale and rent back option, allowing them to enforce asset replacement cycles in an affordable and progressive way. Finally, they can exchange existing rented technology for newer models, at no additional cost. The offering is a joint undertaking between Dimension Data and RentWorks.

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