Funzio launches Crime City on G+

Funzio, a gaming developer has released Crime City on Google+, making it one of the first games available on the new platform

August 12, 2011

Crime City was first available on Facebook in September 2010, and it quickly became one of the top five Facebook games of the year. Crime City for iOS went live in Apple’s App Store, and the game is already in the top 30 chart. Crime City has millions of monthly players worldwide.

Crime City for Google+ is a standalone version of the game that lets Google+ users become the toughest mob boss and rule the city. Users can build up their hoods, invite others to be in their mafia, collect hundreds of items to equip them and fight others to see who the strongest is. Users can share updates about their gameplay when they want and with the people they want.

“We’re excited to partner with Google to bring Crime City to Google+ users so they too can experience the action in high quality and immersive graphics not available in other crime games,” said Ken Chiu, CEO of Funzio. “We can’t wait to release more great games on Google+ in the future.”


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