DCC and Targus deliver a new range of products to protect the iPad

The era of mobility is upon us and technology is spawning more and more devices that keep us connected, working and entertained while on the move. An example is the current tablet PC ‘boom’ that is taking the world by storm.

February 27, 2012

The era of mobility is upon us and technology is spawning more and more devices that keep us connected, working and entertained while on the move. An example is the current tablet PC ‘boom’ that is taking the world by storm. One such brand that is making its mark is the Apple iPad. Before users got used to the iPad 1, the iPad 2 had been launched and we are expecting the next iteration in April 2012.

For these enthusiasts, there is nothing more frustrating than having to contend with scratches on their iPad. Many users have realised the necessity to protect this ever important asset – whether using their iPad for e-mailing, watching movies or browsing the Internet – but are overwhelmed with the choice of accessories, skins, sleeves, cases, covers and brands best suited for their iPad.

“The Targus range of products offer protection for ease, as we see many people identify their iPad as an investment and an everyday tool,” says Heinrich Pretorius, Targus Product Specialist at distributors Drive Control Corporation (DCC). “Protecting your iPad is vital as it gives your iPad a longer lifespan, so whether you purchase a case, sleeve or slipcase, the Targus range will suit your lifestyle. The skin is so unobtrusive, that you could even slip it into your laptop case for added protection.”

The Targus brand is synonymous with simple and stylish, yet functional products. DCC stocks a range of products specifically designed for the Apple iPad. These include the Targus Vuscape Protective Cover and Stand, Targus Z-Case, Targus Screen Protector, Stylus, Bluetooth Keyboard and finally the Targus A7 Sleeve.

Targus Vuscape Protective Cover and Stand

The Targus Vuscape Protective Cover and Stand is an ultra-thin and lightweight case with the added benefit of multi-viewing. This allows you to view the iPad at three angles, with the lowest angle giving you the ideal space to type. The Vuscape is designed in the similar mould of a portfolio case, which makes portability a breeze. The exterior of the case is a hard shell providing sturdy protection, while the interior is made from soft ‘suede’ protecting your iPad from scratches. The Vuscape simply flips open and props up, so it allows you instant access to your iPad – always ready and operational.


Targus Z-case

Targus Z-case


Targus Z-case

The Targus Z-case is made with one thought, simplicity. The Z-case is easy to use and offers the touch of regal. The Z-case exterior is similar to that of the Vuscape and is made from a hard shell for protection. It also features a plush scratch resistant interior to protect the iPad screen from nicks and scratches. A secure magnetic strip is used to open and close the Z-case. There aren’t any fancy bells and whistles – just open the two-phased cover and zoom onto the web, knowing that your iPad is protected.


Targus Screen Protector

Targus Screen Protector


Targus Screen Protector

The Targus Screen Protector not only protects your iPad from scratches, but also reduces the amount of fingerprints or smudges that appear on your screen. This clear plastic layer was designed with a specifically formulated adhesive, which leaves no residue and takes nothing away from your iPad. It simply offers better visibility of the screen. No solution is required to apply the Screen Protector, leaving you free of bubbles when placing the protection on your iPad.

Targus A7 Sleeve

The Targus A7 Sleeve is the quirky yet serious design of the Targus range. The A7 protects your iPad not only from scratches and dust, but is also weather resistant, come rain or snow. The A7 is made from state of the art material, using a tri-cell cushion system; the exterior is made from neoprene which offers durability while the interior is heavily padded offering shock resistance and is quilted, providing ventilation.

Says Magdalena Britz (Max), National Sales and Development Manager at CSD Targus Distribution: “Targus develops products that are reputable globally, whereby quality and warranty are CSD Targus Distribution’s priority. Fulfilling the end users’ requirement and product satisfaction in getting their money’s worth is key for us, for it has become a business necessity tool, rather than a nice to have and the range for iPads is no different. The product is developed to ensure maximum protection and enhances the user experience. Although the products are unique and feature a variety of designs, they offer one distinct feature and that is to ensure that your iPad is protected at all times.”

For more information, visit www.csdtargus.co.za