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Alan Knott-Craig Jr talks free WiFi for Africa

June 2, 2015

After Alan Knott-Craig Jr left Mxit in 2012, the Free WiFi initiative he started with the Stellenbosch Municipality became an orphan.

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CSSI releases its Data Recovery software to the Market – launches LuminSoftware for its award winning technology

May 7, 2015

CSSI, announced the launch of, the commercialisation of their award winning data recovery technology.

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DynaTech launches ‘Smart City’ app to reinvigorate municipal service delivery

August 15, 2014

The eThekwini Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal will be the first of what is expected to be many public sector entities that will benefit from DynaTech’s brand new ‘Smart City’ mobile application.

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Broadband – a basic commodity

July 24, 2014

OpenWeb CEO Keoma Wright says it is no longer a privilege but a right to have access to fast Internet.

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XDSL signs high level SLA with Sizwe IT for support of it national fibre network

July 17, 2014

XDSL, a local Internet Service Provider, has signed a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Sizwe IT Group to support its national fibre network and Points of Presence (PoPs).

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OpenWeb to turn ADSL market upside down

July 9, 2014

Local ISP OpenWeb has launched Hybrid Uncapped, a broadband offering that is set to revolutionise the ADSL market.

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Data roaming SIM card launched for use in 95 countries

June 25, 2014

Smart-i recently launched a product that we hope will change the way people access the internet and using data whilst roaming.

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Ruckus launches the virtual SmartCell Gateway for Carrier-Class WLAN management in the cloud

May 21, 2014

Ruckus Wireless, Inc. has unveiled the industry’s first carrier-class virtualised wireless LAN (WLAN) controller.

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SEACOM works with Level 3 to enhance Internet experience in Africa

May 20, 2014

African end-users to benefit from faster access to web pages, music, videos and other online content.

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Converging its networks cuts CMH’s telecoms costs

May 19, 2014

Retail motor Group CMH has cut its telecoms costs and increased its network capacity fourfold by migrating to a converged MPLS VPN network.

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Using Wi-Fi for sustainable development

May 19, 2014

Ruckus Wireless examines the opportunities of World Telecommunications Day .

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Alcatel-Lucent passes 5 million VDSL2 vectoring lines shipped confirming global adoption of ultra-broadband access over copper

May 19, 2014

Industry shift from traditional VDSL2 to VDSL2 vectoring meets massive demand for residential Internet bandwidth and extends life of existing copper access networks.

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Broadband price war soars to new levels

May 15, 2014

The Minister of Communications, Yunus Carrim, recently urged all parties to work together to cut communications costs in South Africa.

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Early arrival of Business Uncapped Unshaped

May 12, 2014

Due to growing demand, local Internet Service Provider OpenWeb has introduced a limited edition Business Uncapped Unshaped package.

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Content nodes to accelerate Africa’s Internet

May 8, 2014

African internet users are starting to enjoy the benefits of faster access to key web resources.

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