Online shopping is alive and thriving in South Africa, and it is vital that small businesses provide solutions capable of a fast, secure and seamless journey for consumers. Whether you’re launching your online business, or looking at ways to scale up, dedicated server hosting is one of the most important considerations, not only for your website management, but also for your customers’ needs.

As 1-grid CEO, Thomas Vollrath notes, a dedicated server is an ideal solution for businesses who have growth and scalability in mind. Whether your customer base has grown substantially, your page load times are slowing down, you need to extend your website’s capabilities, or you’re running out of storage space, choosing one of the highest specification enterprise dedicated servers available — like the one that 1-grid offers — could just be the solution.

Dedicated server explained

Compared to a shared server where numerous websites are hosted on a single machine, a dedicated server allows one website to be hosted on its very own machine. A server dedicated to your website’s needs alone, gives you the power to change, modify or increase features as and when you see fit.

Choosing a dedicated server comes with a number of essential benefits to businesses looking to scale up, including:


A website that performs well under pressure is exactly what a business needs when it experiences increased traffic and sales. Unlike a shared server where resources are spread across a number of websites, a dedicated server allocates all its power and resources to your website alone. This delivers fast page load times and constant uptime. These features not only provide a seamless experience for your customers, but also ensure that you don’t lose out on clicks or sales because of slow page load speeds or an inefficient server.

Data security

The more customers you have, the more personal data you are responsible for keeping safe. From addresses, to bank account details, it’s vital to protect sensitive information. Doing so on a shared server makes you vulnerable to security breaches just by the fact that you share a hosted space with other websites who may or may not have sufficient website security. With a dedicated server you have total control over the security of your data. You, and only you can access your data.

Greater control

Choosing a dedicated server gives you complete control and flexibility over the use of your server. From the software you choose, to the amount of bandwidth, RAM and disk space you require, you can choose what you need and customise the features to meet the unique requirements of your business. This means that your website can change and grow as and when your business does, on your terms.

Value for money

Online shopping may be at an all time high, but a weak economy means business owners will continue to keep costs top of mind. Opting for a dedicated server means that you don’t have the costs related to purchasing, managing or maintaining your server. All of the management and admin is done for you. This means that you have access to all the customisable features you need, while you pay a fixed fee according to the package you choose.

Shared hosting may be sufficient for a startup or small businesses with minimal security and data storage needs, but for a business that receives a large volume of monthly traffic and holds a substantial amount of personal information, a dedicated server is a far more sustainable option.