1Stream, a leading provider of cloud contact centre technology and services, has released an updated version of its platform. Platform 2.5 is essentially a response to the fast-changing contact centre environment, which is being shaped by the mobile-first trend and increasing use of multimedia in our everyday lives.

“Today’s contact centre has to be properly equipped to manage customers making use of new channels such as social media and web chat, for example,” says Jed Hewson, Director at 1Stream. “In addition, new technology such as WebRTC,which allows a consumer to make a call via a web browser without needing a landline number, presents challenges for contact centres that our updated platform is designed to take into account.”

Having identified the key shifts in the broader contact centre environment, 1Stream’s Platform 2.5 allows for new clients to only be browser-based, no need for a landline number to connect to customers. It’s easy to install and manage from any smart mobile device, including phones and tablets, all that is needed is a headset. It also includes enhancements that allow for the increasing use of web calls, instant messaging functions and social media interactions.

In addition to improved security features, the updated platform also leverages Big Data and is able to provide dynamic reports and detailed feedback. As a result of this feedback from the quality monitoring enhancements, Contact Centre Operations Managers can better manage agents and quality of customer service. Furthermore, with new eLearning and Gamification modules, training for agents can be automated.

“Contact centres are all about providing a streamlined service and a smooth customer experience,” adds Hewson. “And as customers embrace new technology tools and platforms, so too should contact centres in order to meet customer demands and expectations.”