Progress OpenEdge Pro2 6.0 eases app modernisation with major productivity and agility enhancements

Jun 21st, 2019

Progress (NASDAQ: PRGS), the leading provider of application development and digital experience technologies, has announced the latest release of Progress® OpenEdge® Pro2™, the only data replication solution needed for easy, fast data replication from the OpenEdge platform into separate OpenEdge, SQL Server or Oracle databases. This release now enables greater productivity and agility while navigating complex application modernisation processes.

Data replication is an integral part of effective data management and any app modernisation effort. The OpenEdge Pro2 replication solution has always provided fast data replication without disrupting normal business operations or risking transactional database stability. The latest version, Pro2 6.0, offers expanded functionality and a modern interface for improved efficiency, productivity and proactive monitoring.


Progress OpenEdge Pro2 6.0 delivers easier configuration, management and usability allowing existing customers to benefit from increased agility, performance and scalability by:

  • Enhancing productivity through a simpler, guided replication wizard.
  • Easing application modernisation data migration efforts through backward compatibility during version upgrades.
  • Providing rapid setup through improved installation processes.

Improved UI

With a new, more modern, intuitive web UI, Database Administrators (DBAs) now face far less complicated configuration and management, have access to easier mapping from source to target and get an immediate picture of actions and processes. This includes the most modern interface available for faster and more proactive testing and monitoring of the replication process; a series of high visibility UX dashboards for proactive monitoring; and improved agility with real-time performance analytics.


Through the quick replication process setup, OpenEdge Pro2 allows companies to be agile in delivering the critical business data needed to support their analytics and BI initiatives. By leveraging Progress OpenEdge Change Data Capture (CDC), OpenEdge customers and partners can deliver low-latency, near-real-time replication of that data to support not just traditional descriptive analytics, but also predictive analytics, AI-driven decisions, and time-sensitive IoT events.

“Progress OpenEdge Pro2 data replication provides us with increased flexibility in allowing us to use the BI and analytic tools of choice,” said Tim Bloudek, Director of Information Systems, BRAAS. “We’re not locked into any one solution. This ensures that we are more efficient and effective in obtaining pertinent information giving us the ability to quickly turn that information into actions.”

“Organisations are under immense pressure to drive innovation within their organisation by implementing the latest technology advancements, while maintaining and modernising a slew of legacy systems,” said John Ainsworth, SVP, Core Products, Progress. “Progress has continued to ease developer pain points with the release of technologies to speed and automate the modernisation process – Progress OpenEdge Pro2 6.0 is no exception. It provides added layers of agility and speed, removes complexity and delivers the reporting and analytics capabilities businesses require as part of the critical data replication process.”

Progress OpenEdge Pro2 6.0 is available today. For more information go to