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Consulta bundles Yellowfin BI with its CX solutions

May 27th, 2019

Consulta, South Africa’s leading CX practitioner, has partnered with AIGS, the South African distributors of Yellowfin, to significantly increase its analytical muscle.

Consulta reports having spent some time looking for a flexible, easy-to-use analytics platform that would enable it to quickly get actionable intelligence from multiple data sources.

In the end the company bundled Yellowfin, a leading global business intelligence (BI) platform, into its customer experience management (CEM) solutions.

In typical fashion for Consulta, it conducted rigorous research to evaluate and score the most prominent BI and dashboarding tools in the market for price, security, accessibility, access to multiple data sources, scalability, performance, ease of use and push reporting before choosing Yellowfin.

Why Yellowfin?

With teams in Europe, Australia, Japan and North America, Yellowfin supports 27,000 organisations and more than 3 million users in more than 75 countries.

“Whilst our current tools were capable of delivering insights and value to our clients, we needed to rethink how we could deliver dashboards and BI in a more integrated, efficient way,” says Frans Stander, GM, Business Development at Consulta.

Stander says Yellowfin showed immediate benefits, especially among Consulta’s consultants. “Some of our previous technologies had very low internal adoption, given their accompanying need for developers, but with Yellowfin our consultants can develop and maintain their own dashboards with minimal effort.” This has resulted in reduced costs and improved charge-out rates.

Consulta has already deployed Yellowfin with seven of its customers, while another two are about to come on board.

AIGS has also played a significant role, through quick and high-impact interventions that enable Consulta to deliver data visualisation solutions from which its customers can get real value.