Arbor and NETSCOUT partnership offers intelligent solution against advanced threat market

Sep 6th, 2017

Arbor Networks, the security division of NETSCOUT, has joined forces with its parent company to offer a unique, intelligent solution in the fight against the advanced threat market. NETSCOUT, a leading provider of cybersecurity and business intelligence solutions, has announced an integration between its next-generation, real-time information platform, ISNG, and the network threat analysis solution, Arbor Networks Spectrum.

NETSCOUT ISNG efficiently analyses real-time wire data for a contextual view of service, network and application performance. NETSCOUT’s technology converts high-volume network traffic into high value, multi-dimensional metadata in real time – effectively creating ‘smart data’. With this integration, ISNG becomes the data source for Arbor Networks Spectrum, mining IP traffic intelligence pervasively and passively across the network.

Arbor Network’s territory manager for Sub-Saharan Africa, Bryan Hamman, says that using a common, shared data source will promote smooth collaboration between the network and security teams. He clarifies, “This solution brings NETSCOUT’s patented smart data technology to advanced threat detection, delivering pervasive visibility for the entire enterprise. The result is faster detection time and investigation of advanced threats.”

Hamman says the combination of Arbor Networks Spectrum with ISNG does the following:

·        Allows clients to leverage common service delivery infrastructure in physical, virtual and cloud environments that gives security teams encompassing visibility across users, applications, protocols, and network flow data.
·        Provides security teams with superior intelligence based on the high-resolution wire data using either dedicated or shared ISNG collectors.
·        Allows security teams to take advantage of smart data from the combined solution to expose and extract the key potential threat activity across the network, reducing the time taken to resolving critical security threats.

Hamman concludes, “For the first time, network and security teams will have access to both real-time and historical network traffic from a single dashboard, giving them the smart data required for the rapid detection and investigation of advanced threats hidden on the network. Together, the NETSCOUT ISNG Platform and Arbor Networks Spectrum deliver best-in-class smart data and superior analytics.”

For more information about Arbor in Africa, please contact Bryan Hamman at [email protected].