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June 2019


ASUS Republic of Gamers announces ROG Strix Carry

Jun 11th, 2019

ROG Strix Carry_Scenario photo

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced ROG Strix Carry, a pocket-sized wireless gaming mouse that delivers exceptional battery life, so it’s always ready for work or play – at home, at the office or on the go.

There’s a lot of design and technology packed into Strix Carry to create serious gaming mouse in a compact form. It’s equipped with a high-performance Pixart PMW3330 optical sensor to deliver a maximum resolution of 7,200 DPI for smooth, precise tracking. This also tracks at up to 150 inches per second (IPS) and at up to 30 g acceleration, so Strix Carry catches the swiftest sweeps and strafes with superb accuracy.

The new mouse features a comfortable right-handed design, with a textured thumb rest for a firm grip. A button behind the click wheel enables on-the-fly DPI toggling, so it’s easy to flit between twitchy shooters or sedate web browsing. The left-side navigation buttons are also thoughtfully mounted high on the chassis, so they’re within easy reach for back and forward actions but unlikely to be clicked by accident.

Exceptional battery life: 400+ hours on Bluetooth, or 300+ hours on 2.4GHz

Cloaked in stealthy black Strix Carry is ready for work or play, with the choice of two wireless technologies to best serve the task at hand. Bluetooth LE addresses wireless productivity with lower power demands to deliver 400 hours of continuous operation on one set of AA batteries – equating to many weeks or even months of real-world use. When connected via high-performance 2.4GHz Strix Carry is good for 300+ hours of continuous, competition-crushing use, and with a report rate of just 1ms to ensure the ultrafast response needed to succeed in any gaming arena.

Strong, stable connections: SmartHop technology for lag-free control anywhere

Strix Carry scans the radio spectrum a thousand times every second and employs SmartHop technology to identify and avoid interference on the busy 2.4GHz band. This enables it to switch to the cleanest channels seamlessly, and in real time. The result is strong, stable connections no matter where Strix Carry is used, and regardless of the other devices around it that also rely on the congested 2.4GHz band.

Exclusive switch-socket design: Elevated personalization in an instant

It’s rare to find a full arsenal of gaming features on a portable mouse, let alone hardware customization options, but Strix Carry smashes both those expectations.

The Omron®` switches under the primary right and left buttons are rated for 50-million clicks, so great durability and a long lifespan are assured.

Moreover, Strix Carry allows users to easily change out the switches, so it’s quickly and easily customized to provide a specific click-feel. The exclusive push-fit switch sockets make changing the switches really easy. A second pair of Omron switches is included with Strix Carry, so the click-feel can be personalized right out of the box.

Armoury II: Advanced software controls for quick and easy customization

Strix Carry includes Armoury II, enhanced driver-based software that offers extensive customization opportunities via an intuitive UI. Users are able to adjust performance and surface-calibration settings, program and assign button functions, and save up to three profiles in the onboard memory. It even enables the tracking of track hardware stats during gameplay for data analysis.

Exclusive ROG pouch: Tailor-made protection for ROG Strix Carry

ROG Strix Carry is made for mobility, so it comes with a smooth leatherette pouch that serves up smart protection on the go. This provides a perfect contoured fit, meaning Strix Carry slides out in the same orientation every time. Just unzip the case, release the mouse, and it’s ready to roll. 


Please contact your local ASUS representative for further information.