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April 2019


Simplifying modern network complexity with Meraki

Apr 30th, 2019 Edit post

Today’s networks are becoming increasingly complex, and the demands on their performance, more onerous. For all organisations faced with having to digitally transform, improvements to network management capabilities have to be as pressing as increasing network flexibility and throughput.

This is according to Adeshni Rohit, Business Unit Manager for Cisco at Axiz, who says trends including an increasingly mobile workforce, the Internet of things (IoT), big data, and the ubiquity of cloud technologies, is are muddying the waters, and making it difficult for network managers to know exactly what is going on in their networks, both internal and on a wider level. “Networks have begun to encompass new areas of technology, and the Web has brought about incredible new capabilities and technologies, all of which need ongoing and robust network connectivity.”

Moreover, she says the cloud is driving an voracious demand for quicker, more reliable network access, and IT businesses are being put under pressure. “Through local ICT value added distributor, Axiz, Cisco Meraki offers a comprehensive portfolio of cloud-managed IT solutions designed to work in unison to help deliver a modern network that is powerful, reliable, and simple to manage.”

All that is needed to manage Meraki products from anywhere, even from a mobile device, is an active Internet connection and a browser, Rohit adds. “This approach to IT in unique to Meraki, no other vendor offers this. Its aim is simplify powerful and complex technology by lowering the overheads and expenses that go hand in hand with maintaining disparate solutions.”

And at the heart of any network are the users that rely on it, and the devices that attach to it. “Businesses today, have users that expect 24/7/365 connectivity.  They want to be online all the time, and enjoy connections that are quick and dependable. Everyone understands the impact that even a short amount of downtime can have on an organisation, damaging a company’s reputation, and negatively affecting productivity. The focus for all businesses is to deliver consistent, reliable, pervasive connectivity to all users, allowing to access the apps and tools they need, from anywhere, at anytime, and from any device.”

To do this, she says choosing the proper solution is key. “The majority of networking solutions are created with an emphasis on breadth of features and hardware capabilities, and not enough stress is placed on improving the enterprise’s ability to scale out the network while still being able to manage, monitor and maintain the multiple services required to keep the network performing. Services supporting user access, network and physical security, performance and productivity have to be able to work together, but but often and ironically, instead make the network far tricker to manage. IT businesses are then saddled with setting up, integrating and hosting a slew of complex, multi-vendor solutions that are supposed to be able to manage the plethora of features that ensure reliable and consistent connectivity.”

Meraki’s solutions designed with the modern enterprise in mind, explains Rohit. “The company’s solutions span wireless access points, security appliances, access and distribution switching, VoIP phones, mobility management, and video surveillance. Each one is built to work together to bring the organisation a comprehensive solution that is easy to manage, and truly scalable.”

This approach to technology is innovative and unlike anything else on the market today, she adds. “All Meraki’s solutions were created to ensure a seamless and consistent user experience, irrespective of the task at hand.  This removes an untold amount of  cost and complexity, ensuring networks are easy to manage and maintain. Complete visibility, new insights into user behaviour, traffic patterns, and network events is gained, and and cloud management is also achieved via the Meraki Dashboard, a browser-based user interface, that brings rich features, flexible, and intuitive centralised management for networks of any size.”

Ultimately, Axiz aims to help its customers lower costs and simplify the way they interact with their networks. We do this by offering powerful tools from Meraki that bring all of the components needed to deliver ubiquitous connectivity to the business, by offloading many of the supporting services to the Meraki cloud.