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June 2019


Azure brings superior services, use cases

Jun 7th, 2019 Edit post

The hype around cloud technologies is seeing many organisations attempting to jump on the bandwagon in the shortest possible time. However, before rushing in and signing a contract with a cloud service provider,  the businesses needs to understand which hyperscale platform they use and why. They need to establish  what services they offer, the costs involved, the security they provide and suchlike. Only then can they establish the expected outcomes which will prevent any misalignment with business strategy, as well as overspending and under delivering.

“At Axiz, we partner with Microsoft Azure as it boasts an excellent set of features and is very oriented towards business,” says Tondani David Mphephu, Azure expert at the leading ICT value-added distributor. This is what sets it apart form its competitors – although their back end capabilities might be comparable to Azure’s, they do not provide services that are as effective and efficient.

One compelling reason for using Azure is its constant innovation, he says. Microsofts research and development team is constantly working with technologies such as AI and machine learning to improve its offering and stay ahead of its competitors. And is already an incredibly powerful system with boundless use cases, make it the obvious choice for organisations looking to go the hyperscale route.

Azure’s infrastructure covers over 100 extremely secure facilities around the globe, linked by one of the biggest networks that exists today. It was designed to allow developers to build the most innovative apps. “And Azure is about more than infrastructure, it supplies the innovation its customers need. It also enables developers to host business logic which can be executed with no need for provisioning infrastructure or other intervention,” adds Mphephu.

According to him, the platform can used for a variety of services, including storage, networking, virtualisation and analytics. “It definitely provides the greatest competitive advantage, as it is continually updated, and flexible, allowing resources to be increased or decreased as needed. It supports the full range of operating systems, and boasts 99.95% availability.”

One area where Azure is ahead of the other players, is IoT services, he says. The IoT has vastly different  infrastructure from other technologies currently being used. To enable IoT, organisations need cloud services that can intelligently analyse and employ sensor data, then use intelligent automation to sense when they need to do something.  Azure offers a specific set of IoT services, that offer everything required to run an IoT network.

Other services that are non-negotiable for organisations today, are disaster recovery and business continuity, both of which have been cited as top benefits of moving to the cloud, adds Mphephu. “Azure’s disaster recovery options are vastly superior to other providers, keeping an organisation’s data secure by making redundant copies at a plethora of locations, that can be selected by the customer.”

Azure offers hybrid solution, PaaS, and a wide range of other fantastic features, which are integral to any cloud strategy. “Our customers have experienced accelerated business growth by opting to go with Azure, without a doubt, there’s no other hyperscale provider that can offer the same benefits.  Without the right cloud vendor, and the right partner to help them manage and run the implementation, they run the risk of missing out on all these benefits,” ends Mphephu.