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July 2021


Axiz Cloud Technologies and Morpheus has joined forces!

Jul 23rd, 2021

It is with great excitement that Axiz Cloud Technologies announces its’ latest brand partnership with Morpheus. Morpheus is a revolutionary Hybrid Multi-Cloud Management product that is scalable and vendor agnostic, integrating with a large percentage of brands across the IT Industry, from bare metal, to DevOps, FinOps, CloudOps, and SecOps across practically any Cloud platform whether on-premises, hosted, or public.

Morpheus has had explosive growth across USA and Europe, and is very excited about the market opportunities across Africa including the islands of Mauritius and Madagascar.

Every superhero has an origin story…

Morpheus was born out of necessity and architected by DevOps and Business Transformation practitioners for their own use. The platform originated inside of Bertram Capital, a successful private equity firm with more than $1.5 Billion in capital invested in dozens of companies.


Bertram Labs is a world-class team whose sole purpose is to rapidly implement technology to fuel the growth of the Bertram portfolio.

In 2010, that team needed an agnostic application automation platform that could support self-service provisioning into an unpredictable mix of hypervisors, platforms, and clouds while assuring security for multiple organizations.  The perfect tool didn’t exist, so they built one…


After 5 years using Morpheus internally, our co-founders recognized the world needed a better approach to cloud automation and platform engineering.  So they spun out of Bertram and hit the ground running in 2015.

On Day-0, Morpheus Data was a high growth company with experienced leadership, plenty of self-funding, and a software product already proven in thousands of enterprise application deployments.


Morpheus has quickly grown to serve some of the largest Fortune 1000 companies and Service Providers in the world. We offer CloudOps, DevOps, SecOps, and FinOps teams a unified platform to drive innovation and change – addressing people, process, tools, and technology.

Andrew Green says: “Morpheus is an application-centric automation and orchestration framework which means it can present a self-service catalog to provision applications made up of bare-metal servers, VMs, containers, and public cloud services. It also provides full lifecycle management for day-2 operations and maintenance. The software has all the discovery, governance, reporting, and automation hooks to quickly create and consume on-premises private clouds from existing hypervisors like VMware Openstack, SCVMM, and Nutanix while also managing access to Public Clouds from AWS, Azure, GCP, Huawei and many more. It’s a secure Linux install package that runs on popular OS flavors both on-premises or in public clouds, and it is also extremely scalable with all-in-one or distributed scale-out options. A Leader in the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Management Platforms (CMP), Morpheus has the highest capability scores for provisioning, brokerage, and governance as well as the best customer feedback in the field.”

Green continues: “Morpheus was created by digital transformation leaders for their own use but is now available to enterprises everywhere to provide:

  • Customizable self-service provisioning access via GUI, full-fidelity API and CLI, or ITSM tools like ServiceNow.
  • Flexible catalog builder with items ranging from a basic operating system, individual application service, or full multi-tier stack.
  • Workflow and Job engine to simplify day2 operations; mix different task types, pass variables, and leverage secure keys.
  • Built-in CNCF-certified Morpheus Kubernetes Service plus integration to popular external Kubernetes options like EKS, AKS, etc.
  • Native blueprints and infrastructure-as-code plus the ability to enhance tools like Ansible, Terraform, CloudFormation, ARM, etc.


Finally, many tools have come and gone over the last decade but almost all of them had the same fatal flaw… they treated everybody in the organization the same… But each business unit has different needs and requirements. Developers love to code but hate being forced into a GUI or into processes that hinder their ability to code. Finance teams love when everything is accounted for, and security teams will look under every rock to protect the organization. Look at it this way, if IT selects a platform for automation that doesn’t work for Developers then it’s not going to get used. It’s just as bad if Developers hand-code a tool chain that ignores chargeback and CMDB management.” Says Green

EMEA is a key focus area for Morpheus, and since Axiz Cloud Technologies already has significant reach and resellers across Africa, it made total sense to partner with Axiz Cloud Technologies. Axiz Cloud Technologies says: “Morpheus is an incredible product that we are planning to use internally in our cloud division, and this product is key to our own strategy moving forward.

Axiz and Morpheus look forward to taking this Hybrid Multi-Cloud Management platform to the next level, past the Clouds and into the Stratosphere. Watch this space.

For any question or queries or to speak to a Morpheus Product expert at Axiz, please contact Morpheus Marketing ([email protected])