Driving innovation through progressive Java architecture

Jul 31st, 2018

Patricia Draper explains how BBD not only developed a standardised middleware Java layer – with apps that make use of functionality already existing within the business – they also created a single way for the client to consume very complex functions.

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BBD achieves level 2 B-BBEE rating using education to uplift South Africa’s ICT skills

Jul 19th, 2018

BBD takes transformation seriously, not just to assist with economic growth and development, but to change lives while improving ICT skills and contributing to job creation.

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BBD joins Amazon Web Services Partner Network and provides services through the Amazon CloudFront delivery network

Jun 29th, 2018

BBD today announced that they have achieved Standard Consulting Partner status in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN).

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Google I/O: as told by a developer

Jun 12th, 2018

A few weeks after Google’s annual developer conference, most of us have seen the fascinating-yet-frightening videos of Google Assistant phoning a restaurant to make a reservation.

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Has a connected government moved from being a convenience to a necessity?

Jun 6th, 2018

As governments are working towards delivering quality services in increasingly complex environments, so Internet of Things (IoT) technology could provide new value for South African citizens, enhance capabilities, streamline processes and better engage partners.

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Banking the unbanked: serving the excluded

May 28th, 2018

Two billion people worldwide do not have a bank account or access to financial institutions. Often referred to as the unbanked, they generally only pay in cash or purchase money orders.

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Are feature analysts the new business analysts?

May 23rd, 2018

As Agile continues to gain momentum in large enterprises, we continually need to review how we adapt traditional roles to the new paradigm.

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Working at Africa’s software development POWERHOUSE

May 15th, 2018

BBD is South Africa’s oldest, largest and most entertaining independent custom software development company.

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Adding robotic process automation to BBD Group’s technology solutions

May 15th, 2018

BBD Group today announced they have acquired a 30% equity stake in Xpertek Contact, offering IT services ranging from robotic process automation to business intelligence (BI) and location-based marketing.

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Is Kubernetes a must-have skill in 2018?

Mar 28th, 2018

Open-source technology such as Kubernetes is emerging as the standard for many companies building applications on public clouds – with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle and IBM among the leaders supporting this technology.

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