No more EdgeHTML

Feb 13th, 2019

At the end of 2018 Microsoft announced their plan to rewrite the Windows 10 default browser using Chromium project, the heart and soul of Google Chrome.

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What would the world be without BAs

Jan 30th, 2019

Imagine a client is looking for a bespoke software solution in a world without business analysts (BAs).

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4 ways to stay Agile without getting caught up in methodologies

Jan 17th, 2019

Agility is the power to move quickly, to think and react rapidly.

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Why online retailers can’t prevent Black Friday blackouts

Nov 20th, 2018

Black Friday occurs globally on Friday 23 November and is widely considered the busiest shopping day of the year. As retailers beef up on security to control massive in-store crowds, online retailers are enhancing their systems to prevent infamous website crashes.

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Will we really only have three clouds?

Oct 25th, 2018

While cloud infrastructure is currently being provided for by the three large players, according to Scheffel, the future is definitely “cloudy”, with a second wave of cloud providers already making headway.

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Preparing for the cloud evolution: get yourself AWS certified

Sep 26th, 2018

It’s reasonably safe to say that cloud technology is creeping into almost every aspect of our personal and professional lives.

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Machines learning to speak as we do

Sep 19th, 2018

The fact that machine learning (ML) services are now available through AWS has led to a shift in the capabilities that developers can offer their clients with regards to natural language processing (NLP) and the cloud services they inform. 

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Enterprising solutions by the BBD Acturis team

Sep 4th, 2018

Although an enterprise app wasn’t on the cards for Acturis, the BBD Acturis team knew that there was a way to develop an app that would meet their requirements while adding the value of a mobile solution.

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SA’s shortage of software skills needs urgent attention

Aug 17th, 2018

Lack of software skills is one of the biggest challenges facing South Africa, as the country looks to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) to unlock growth. 

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BBD partners with Ilion, a South African financial data modelling company

Aug 14th, 2018

Software development company BBD has taken a 51% shareholding in Ilion, a company specialising in data and financial risk solutions.

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