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Business Connexion’s IT Lab catches President Zuma’s eye
[Jan 31st, 2012]

With the pressing need to improve education in especially maths, science and technology, the corporate social investments of South Africa’s largest black-owned provider of information and communication technology solutions, Business Connexion, are geared to support this aspect of learning for the less privileged.

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BMI-T Names Business Connexion No.1 in Custom Application Development
[Jan 30th, 2012]

With a 20% share, leading ICT services company Business Connexion has the largest slice of the South African custom application development market – almost twice that of its nearest competitor.

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Let Me Learn: IT Labs for improved science and technology education
[Jan 25th, 2012]

Education is arguably the answer to the absence of hope which confronts many dispossessed young South Africans. Equipped with knowledge and skills, the limitations of incapacity fall away and allow the individual to become a meaningful contributor to society. But education in the country is in crisis, especially where science and technology learning is concerned.

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Investing in people is investing in the future
[Jan 20th, 2012]

While it has much to recommend it, South African society is also plagued by many social ills. Government has made a priority of dealing with these ills, but massive unemployment, limited resources and simple geography render this a Herculean task.

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Business Connexion owns 27% of SA data centre market – Frost & Sullivan
[Jan 19th, 2012]

Only one company in South Africa can lay claim to owning more than a quarter of the total data centre market in the country – and that company is Business Connexion. New research recently released by Frost & Sullivan indicates that with 27% market share, the organisation which is staking its claim as the country’s leading provider of cloud-based services is well ahead of its competitors.

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Business Connexion approved as Eskom Energy Services Company
[Jan 18th, 2012]

In a move which demonstrates its ability to innovate and participate in the salient issues of the day, ICT services company Business Connexion has registered with Eskom as an Energy Services Company (ESCO). As a specialist in the design, delivery and operation of data centres, this status gives Business Connexion the ability to develop and deploy technology which reduces the demand on the national grid, while delivering its clients’ computing needs at optimal cost.

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