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Business Connexion approved as Eskom Energy Services Company
[Jan 18th, 2012]

In a move which demonstrates its ability to innovate and participate in the salient issues of the day, ICT services company Business Connexion has registered with Eskom as an Energy Services Company (ESCO). As a specialist in the design, delivery and operation of data centres, this status gives Business Connexion the ability to develop and deploy technology which reduces the demand on the national grid, while delivering its clients’ computing needs at optimal cost.

According to Vanessa Olver, Business Connexion Deputy CEO and Group Executive: Services, the company is well aware that energy shortages are a fact of life. “This is the case not only in South Africa, but across the world. Supply and demand dictates that when a commodity is in demand, the price goes up.”

With electricity prices escalating steeply, Olver says that more than ever, efficiency has become a necessity not only to manage costs, but also to prevent a recurrence of the load shedding of 2007. “By their nature, data centres and enterprise computing systems consume a lot of energy. However, there is definite room for improvement and scope for optimisation to ensure that there is no wastage of any resources, electricity included.”

As an Eskom-approved ESCO, she says Business Connexion has demonstrated its suitability and competence to develop and deploy technology which will conserve power within the Commercial and Industrial environments. “Optimising not only the costs but also the actual consumption of electricity is critical from another perspective, too – with limitations on the availability of electricity supply to data centres, it is imperative to get maximum computing power from every kilowatt hour, to keep enterprise computing on,” she explains.

The ESCO status is afforded to Business Connexion’s Industrial Solutions Centre of Excellence, itself within the company’s Professional Services division. The company qualifies for Eskom funding where it can demonstrate reductions in electricity consumption internally and for its clients.
Barry Bester, Manager – Industrial Solutions, Professional Services at Business Connexion adds: “Essentially, this means that when we help our clients to deploy energy efficient technology, a rebate could offset the cost of that technology.”

With Eskom seeking to move towards Smart Grid Technology, in terms of which the electricity supply and delivery system predicts and intelligently responds to the behaviour and actions of all electric power users connected to it, Bester says there is further potential for Business Connexion.

“Smart Grids are powered by the sort of ICT solutions which we provide for the public sector and many of Africa’s leading businesses,” he explains. Energy efficiency is considered an essential factor in assisting Eskom –and the country – to continue to operate, grow and prosper, Bester continues.

“It is the individual responsibility of every citizen to do what they can to use less electricity wherever possible. It is also the responsibility of every company to optimise its electricity consumption to help avoid blackouts – and to reduce operational cost. As an ESCO, we are fulfilling a dual role. Not only are we able to reduce our own energy consumption, but we are also certified to assist our clients to achieve efficiency improvements in their data centres,” he concludes.

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