Taking the ‘crackle and fuzz’ out of IP telephony

Voice over IP (Internet Protocol) and IP telephony are certainly the order of the day but many companies experience the frustration of poor voice quality and expensive hardware.  

Nology is meeting this challenge ‘head on’ with the availability of its Yealink SIP-T2x range of IP phones, including the T20 and T28 products. These IP handsets feature exciting functionality such as HD (high-definition) voice quality as well as support for up to six SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) connections, at affordable prices.
The IP phones, which feature modern, stylish aesthetics, meet the needs of various segments of the South African marketplace, but are specifically aimed at SMBs.  However, despite their varied markets, all of these handsets feature a similar look and feel and support for advanced functionality such as HD voice, full-duplex hands-free speakerphones, head-set boards as well as connectivity to Wide Area Networks (WANs).
The HD voice functionality features support for the advanced wideband codec G.722 which delivers superior IP voice quality.  The G.722 offers an audio sample of 16kHz which is double that of traditional telephony interfaces which in turn results in improved clarity and quality. Other common voice codecs are also supported.

The T2x range phones incorporate at least two but up to six SIP connections that for example allow users to connect to one service provider for cost effective local calls and the other for cost effective international calls.

Also, one connection can be used to link to the IP PBX at the office and the other to a personal SIP account.
The phones also operate on Asterisk, an Open Source PBXi telephony engine which is gaining popularity in the SA marketplace.  Asterisk, for example, supports four VoIP protocols which include SIP; however, the main benefit is its ability to utilise latest VoIP telephony features at a competitive price-point.
The above underscores the flexibility and cost-sensitive nature of the phones.  “The T2x-range of IP phones is user-friendly and stylish, also featuring great functionality such as HD voice that is a must in corporate environments where one cannot afford to do business over the phone where the voice quality is poor.  Furthermore, with the proliferation of VoIP in SA, an advanced IP Phone is a must-have,” comments Riaan Leuschner, MD of Nology.
The T20 IP phone, for example, is an entry-level device that is affordable while still incorporating functionality such as a two-line LED display, programmable keys as well as 23 hard keys. Furthermore, the T20 is easy to install and can be reliably integrated into various SIP-based network solutions.
The enterprise-level T28P has been designed for maximum productivity incorporating features such as support for six SIP lines, each with a standalone configuration.   Featuring a four-level grayscale (320×160 pixels) LCD the phone also includes 16 programmable function keys, four soft keys and support XML phonebook features.

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Taking the ‘crackle and fuzz’ out of IP telephony