More vendors added to ‘Nexus’ hosted software catalogue

FrontRange Solutions, the developer of Infrastructure Management and SAM (software asset management) solutions for mid-market and distributed enterprises, today announced a major upgrade to its Nexus hosted software catalogue.

Traditionally, a major pain point for organisations when managing their software licenses has been to accurately reconcile the records held by the company against the different vendors’ software catalogues. 

This task was made more difficult by many resellers substituting original Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) for their own product codes on customer invoices.

Originally launched alongside Centennial (now FrontRange) License Manager in 2006, the Nexus aimed to address this by validating data entered into License Manager and ‘normalising’ it into a format that was both recognisable to software vendors and other industry licensing watchdogs.

Now the Nexus has undergone a major upgrade, introducing nine new software vendors’ SKUs onto the system.  The catalogue now includes Adobe, Autodesk, Borland, CA, FrontRange, Intuit, Jasc Software, Microsoft, Novell, PGP, Oracle, Symantec and VMWare.

“The latest upgrade to the Nexus helps organisations realise significantly more value from what is already a unique capability from FrontRange – no other SAM solution works in this way, enabling customers to access a software SKU catalogue in real-time,” says Scott Johnson, product manager, FrontRange Solutions, South Africa.

The FrontRange Nexus is also scheduled for further upgrades in June 2009, with SKUs from Cisco, Lotus, McAfee, Trend Micro and Veritas due to be added.

The latest version of FrontRange License Manager (v3.0) is available now, either as a standalone solution or as part of the FrontRange SAM Suite solution.

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More vendors added to ‘Nexus’ hosted software catalogue