Nology releases new surveillance technology

Nology has introduced two Power over Ethernet (PoE) surveillance cameras, the indoor dome-shaped AirLive POE-200CAM and the AirLive OD-300CAM.

These are specifically designed for outdoor surveillance and security.

The POE-200 is mountable upside down and can utilise an existing Ethernet infrastructure to connect to a network. This allows for the easy set-up of up of multiple cameras without the resultant power cabling.

Additionally, the CamPro Express bundled software allows for the management of 16 cameras which can be monitored remotely via PCs or 3G mobile phones (as a result of the RSTP protocol).

These cameras feature high quality footage and make efficient use of bandwidth with dual-streaming MPEG-4 technology.

The POE-200 CAM can also stream live footage to a cellular phone from a remote location; this functionality is only available on some SmartPhones.

The POE-200 CAM also features the flexibility of having various views, either a single view where one camera is viewed as ‘full screen’ or the options of 1, 4, 9 or 16 channels on the screen.

The OD-300CAM features infrared LEDs that provide picture feedback of up to 15 metres in pitch dark conditions. It includes POE functionality and remote monitoring of up 16 outdoor cameras which can be strategically placed at reception and exit gates.

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Nology releases new surveillance technology