Lenovo G series available in SA

Tarsus Technologies has announced the availability of the Lenovo G series of notebook PCs.

Alexi Hume, Lenovo mobile product manager at Tarsus says that unlike its predominantly consumer-focused predecessors, the G series has been designed to offer a set of hardware and software options that business users, in particular, will find useful.

“Higher-end processors, more system memory and larger hard disks ensure a higher level of performance and reliability from a hardware perspective, whilst the included software bundle incorporates features that will assist users to achieve maximum uptime, avert data loss and be more productive,” she explains.

“Unique features are, however, extremely important when it comes to differentiating one brand from another,” she says.

“This is why the integration of ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery, which curbs data loss and maximises uptime, as well as Access Connections, which allows users to easily manage their various LAN, WLAN and mobile wireless broadband connections, make such a big difference to top the G Series’ value proposition,” she says.

She adds that it is not just these previously ThinkPad-specific technologies that make the G Series an appealing option.

“Technologies invented for the general range of Lenovo notebooks –the ‘Veriface’ face recognition sign-on technology or Presentation Director, which allows users to easily connect to an external projector or monitor and furthermore turn off screensaver and power-management features while engaged in a presentation – make life for business users an absolute pleasure,” she says.

“All of these features culminate in a package that we believe takes the Lenovo brand to the next level and proves that customers can pay less and get more functionality.

“We’re convinced that the range will fare extremely well over the coming months,” she concludes.

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Lenovo G series available in SA