HP launches ExSO to curb data centre cost

HP today launched the HP Extreme Scale-Out (ExSO) portfolio designed to deliver cost and resource savings for businesses involved in Web 2.0, cloud and high-performance computing.

The new HP ExSO portfolio, which spans data center solutions, services and support, is set to help customers improve facility efficiency and accelerate time to market.

At the core of the HP ExSO portfolio is the HP ProLiant SL server family, which uses a ‘skinless’ systems architecture that replaces the traditional chassis and rack form factors with a lightweight rail and tray design.

“With the HP’s extreme scale-out technology, South African customers will be able to increase their business agility and be more effective in a demanding economy by deploying HP ProLiant SL,” says Andrew McNiven, industry standard server product manager at HP South Africa.

The solution offers customers the following benefits:

Energy savings – consolidated power and cooling infrastructure and unique air flow design uses 28 percent less power per server than traditional rack-based servers. Overall, the system uses 52,000 fewer megawatts per year.

Ultra-lightweight design – reductions in the metal used in the ProLiant SL servers decrease weight by 31 percent. This reduces shipping costs and data center floor support requirements.

Modular configurations – provide rapid installation and deployment through swappable ‘compute trays.’ The new compute architecture delivers double the density with up to 672 processor cores and 10 terabytes of capacity per 42U rack.

Reduced cost-to-scale – volume packaging reduces acquisition costs for customers who require thousands of server nodes. This adds up to a total savings in capital expenditure of €10.4 million (R118 million) in a scale-out data center.

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HP launches ExSO to curb data centre cost