Insurance should outsource call centres

In the insurance industry the contact centre plays a significant role in customer interactions.

Managing spend while optimising efficiencies and output is critical says Paul Fick, Managing Director at Spescom DataFusion.

“The contact centre is core to the insurance industry, especially to those companies with a ‘direct’ business model. It provides a means to service the customer, generate new business and ensure claims are processed timeously and accurately. “

“In order to improve service and deliver, these contact centres must be reviewed on an ongoing basis and new functionality must be incorporated to put these businesses ahead of the game.”

Steve Casey, Business Development Manager at Spescom DataFusion, believes that “Integration is the key to unlocking the potential within existing contact centre solutions and unleashes enhanced functionality that would otherwise require a major upgrade or product replacement. “

Says Casey:  “From time to time, products become outdated and vendors will discontinue a line of contact centre products or replace them with a newer version, seemingly forcing companies to do an immediate forklift upgrade. We have found, however, that existing functionality can be enhanced by keeping the older, now legacy, equipment (and PABX) and adding a modern front end solution, such as an IP telephony server.”

“In effect, a company can now deploy enhanced functionality such as Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), customer self-service, automated diallers, multimedia blending, call blending, creating a ‘unified’ agent desktop, proactive outbound customer service technology, contact centre virtualisation and mobility options to remote branches of an organisation.”

“So, rather than having to face the dilemma of spending money to upgrade the contact centre operation – or not spending money and having to run the contact centre with limiting functionality that impacts the health of the business – it is prudent to look towards experts that offer consulting services. ” says Casey.

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Insurance should outsource call centres