Networking business parks and gated communities

ATEC Systems & Technologies has introduced i-Work, a solution which networks and automates business parks and buildings, commercial and industrial estates.

Gerhard Loots, Chief Commercial Officer at ATEC Systems & Technologies, explains that i-Work is an ATEC managed, private telecommunications network. “Through this solution, business communities in office parks or buildings can get the telephony and Internet connectivity which residents require for their collaboration needs.”

Loots highlighted that the ability to get connected quickly is particularly important in newly developed areas.

“Traditional service providers have garnered a reputation for being slow to install new and updated communication infrastructures; this is especially frustrating for businesses which are moving and obviously want to occupy their new buildings as soon as possible,” he says

Cost saving is achieved through the installation of a centralised PABX, eliminating the need for each unit within a community or office park to procure these systems.

Constant network monitoring and the options of onsite or dedicated support from ATEC technicians minimises network downtime, while technicians are trained and equipped to look beyond the network to assist users with desktop issues to resolve potential issues.

In addition to its i-Work solution, ATEC provides a range of services for building-integrated information and communication technologies.

These include:
•                    Onsite data storage.
•                    Video conferencing.
•                    Remote water and electrical meter-reading
•                    Building Management Systems (BMS).

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Networking business parks and gated communities