Dell releases PowerEdge servers

Dell’s new energy-efficient PowerEdge series will be available from July 2009 from South African distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC).

The series, which includes five new blade, rack and tower servers, represents the 11th.  PowerEdge comprises the R710 and R610 rack servers and the T610 tower server.

Mandy Porter, Dell Business Unit manager at DCC said that “In the channel, PowerEdge will provide resellers’ with a series that not only incorporates the absolute latest in server advancements which includes virtualisation but also energy-efficient design that provides additional peace of mind in a time of greener computing.  As a distributor, we are excited about this, the 11th generation, in a successful server series.”

One of the key enhancements of the 11th generation is the addition of Intel’s Nehalem-based architecture, embedded hypervisors and up to 125 percent increased memory footprint.

Additionally, the series features improved power and thermal efficiency – all the servers are available with Energy Smart technologies that are designed to reduce power consumption.

Enhancements include:

Efficient power supply units optimised for system requirements; Improved system-level design efficiency; Policy-driven power and thermal management; Efficient standards-based Energy Smart components.

To improve image management, the PowerEdge 11th generation also includes ImageDirect, an online solution that enables organisations to create, deploy and manage virtual and physical images on new Dell servers.

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Dell releases PowerEdge servers