Free download at Nokia Ovi Store

Dance Fabulous, by Nokia, has been released on N-Gage.

Through collaboration between Nokia, Interscope Records and music legend Dave Stewart, Dance Fabulous players are able to enjoy music and a virtual gaming landscape which includes dancing avatars and access to all the artists’ latest songs.

To celebrate the release of Dance Fabulous from N-Gage, the Nokia Music Store is offering a free download of the International Electrolove mix of Cindy Gomez’s debut single “Again & Again.” Cindy is the first artist to make her debut in a mobile game.

Players of Dance Fabulous perform their own choreography and collect points by creating moves by dancing to the beat of the various music compilations.

In addition, players are able to customise their own avatars, mix and match between a variety of dance styles and share their fabulous moves with friends and other players via the N-Gage Arena.

“Dance Fabulous is a music game where players can use any music they have stored on their mobile device and download more of their favourite songs from the Nokia Music Store”, says Mark Ollila, Director of X-Media Solutions, Media & Games, Nokia.

“Dance Fabulous offers its players a unique experience, enabling them to share their own visual content – the cool dance moves and the new dance sets they have created – and showcases how playing together with friends, combined with other rich community features, makes mobile games an essential part of mobile gaming entertainment offering.”

Dance Fabulous is now available at

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Free download at Nokia Ovi Store