Managing multiple network devices for SMEs

LOOPHOLD Security Distribution has announced the availability of the SonicWALL Universal Management Appliance (UMA) EM5000.

Capable of managing from a few to thousands of SonicWALL devices the UMA EM5000 is suited for small-to-mid-enterprises, large enterprises, managed service providers or IT consulting environments.

“The complexity of deploying and maintaining multiple network devices increases exponentially with the number of devices, end users and office locations on a network,” says Martin Tasev, MD of LOOPHOLD. “IT administrators have historically deployed a variety of standalone products to manage, monitor and report on a company’s IT infrastructure. Without central management tools, this administrative burden can quickly overwhelm IT staff, thereby making it very costly.”


An optimised architecture that is purpose-built for SonicWALL.

A security-hardened appliance designed to protect the operating system and applications and eliminate the expense to acquire, configure and deploy less-secure general-purpose hardware.

Offline management capabilities that include scheduled configurations and/or firmware updates on managed appliances, minimising service disruptions SNMP and TCP/IP support, including real-time alerts for all TCP/IP- and SNMP-enabled devices and applications.

A Visualisation Viewer that presents hierarchies of SonicWALL appliances in a simple format.

As an all-in-one solution, the UMA EM5000 comes with required elements pre- installed on the appliance, including the operating system, database and applications.

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Managing multiple network devices for SMEs