Femtocell sees massive growth

Femtocell based services used by 3G mobile subscribers will generate in excess of $9bn per annum by 2014, a new study from Juniper Research determined.

The Femtocells research found that Femtocell access points will increase to multi million unit quantities over the next two to three years. With continued growth in the developed nations in North America, the Far East and China and Western Europe, these regions together will account for 90% of service revenues by 2014.

The Femtocell industry has seen development in areas such as interference management, architecture and business case. Report author Howard Wilcox explained: “3G femtocells are now positioned for the mass market in developed nations. Femtocells are a winning strategy for mobile operators. Not only do they fix patchy in-building coverage, they spell the chance to reduce churn, reduce backhaul costs and acquire new revenues”.

After trials in many developed nations, the next stage for mobile operators is to transition to commercial service with convincing, branded consumer service propositions the report included.

The report contains three comprehensive six year forecasting suites which cover all the key market parameters including standalone and integrated access points, subscriber numbers, and service revenues for each of four types of service package.

3G Femtocell whitepaper and further details of the study, ‘3G Femtocells and Beyond: Opportunities & Service Scenarios in the Home 2009 – 2014’ can be freely downloaded from the Juniper Research website.

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Femtocell sees massive growth