Finset chooses Epson to deliver printing quality

After extensive research and product demonstrations from a number of printer vendors, Finset has settled on two Epson GS6000 wide-format printers to fulfil the company’s indoor, outdoor and digital printing requirements.

“It’s taken us a while to find a printing solution that can help us achieve the desired levels of print quality and colour correctness that would set us apart from our competitors,” explains Gavin Zedi, managing director of Finset.

“We needed a printer that not only delivered the high-quality prints that our customers demand, but also did not require intensive maintenance in a very demanding environment.”

Due to the sheer size of many of the prints that Finset produces for its clients, a common problem with its large format printers was banding.

Banding occurs most commonly when nozzles on the printer head become blocked, which results in lines appearing on a printed image each time the printer head passes from one side of the media to the other.

“The Epson printers deliver fantastic print quality and consistent colour, which means that each and every print is not only flawless, but also meets our clients’ specifications.  We never have any banding – even when printing huge jobs – and the fact that the printers clean and maintain themselves means that there is very little user intervention required.”

According to Fayard, the Epson GS6000 is designed to require minimal user maintenance.

“Our investment in this technology means our ability to produce high quality work and material is almost unrivalled in the industry. At Finset we strive for perfection and thanks to the Epson GS6000 printers we have installed, we can live up to that promise,” Zedi concludes.

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Finset chooses Epson to deliver printing quality