Murray and Roberts choose VMware

VMware Inc today announced that Murray & Roberts Construction has successfully implemented VMware Infrastructure 3 to create an IT infrastructure that flexes with the ever-changing requirements that characterize the building industry.

The company required a solution that maximized its limited resources and provided failover functionality that would see each instance of downtime significantly reduced. VMware Infrastructure 3 solved these key issues and provided fluctuation flexibility through effective resource pooling. It also lowered downtime from one to two days to 120 minutes.

“The VMware solution enabled our IT infrastructure to effectively expand and contract in accordance with our business needs,” says Anthony Schoombie, IT Manager, Murray & Roberts Construction. “This means we no longer have to purchase additional hardware on a per-project basis. The solution allows our business to effectively utilise limited resources to their full potential. The additional failover capabilities also means that our business would be up and running within a matter of minutes preventing major cost incursions.”

Schoombie says, “Murray & Roberts Construction chose the VMware infrastructure because it offered our company the best possible solution for our needs now and in the future. The ability to have an effective failover solution that mitigates downtime has proved invaluable to our business. Fast and efficient resource management is at last possible, empowering the IT department to assist the business in key areas by speedily allocating resources as they are needed.”

“Many South African businesses are seeing the value in having a flexible IT environment that can modulate with the company’s dynamic,” says Chris Norton, Regional Director for VMware Southern Africa. “VMware Infrastructure 3 has proven its worth in the financial sector and has also shown great business benefits for other industries, too.”

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Murray and Roberts choose VMware