IBM announces Green Sigma coalition for better waste managemen

IBM has created an industry alliance with key leaders in metering, monitoring, automation, data communications and software to provide smart solutions for energy, water, waste and greenhouse gas management

Among the charter members of the Green Sigma Coalition are Johnson Controls, Honeywell Building Solutions, ABB, Eaton, ESS, Cisco and Siemens Building Technologies Division.

This will allow companies using these combined solutions to better understand energy and water usage, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions across their business operations and make the required changes.

“As we all work toward creating a greener, smarter planet, it is plain that none of us can get there alone,” said Rich Lechner, IBM’s vice president for energy and environment. “Through public and private partnerships, and with leaders across a range of industries and technologies combining and sharing our expertise and talent, we can create the solutions the world needs to conserve resources and address climate change.”

Green Sigma is an IBM solution that applies Lean Six Sigma principles and practices to energy, water, waste and GHG emissions throughout a company’s operations. It combines real-time metering and monitoring with analytics and dashboards to calculate how clients can achieve better waste management.

IBM announced the Green Sigma Coalition in support of its Green and Beyond Summit for Industry leaders in San Francisco today. The program includes panel discussions with key industry leaders and public officials on public/private collaboration for a greener planet.

These new relationships support IBM’s “smarter planet” initiative, which envisions a world where everything is instrumented, interconnected and intelligent.

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IBM announces Green Sigma coalition for better waste managemen