Integrated security card key system

Integrating disparate security systems has become a critical part of creating a safe and functional organisational environment.

Integration of a multitude of systems such as access control interfaces, CCTV, evacuation and panic systems, fire control as well as security and intrusion is key.

Fortunately, and due to technology today, this integration is achievable.

One such security integration enabler is Johnson Controls’ Cardkey access control system.

“Our CardKey system now features a myriad of new enhancements that take integration to the next sophisticated level.  Based on an open integration platform, it allows for more than access control but integrates with fire detection systems, CCTV and complete Building Management Systems (BMS) too,” says Neil Cameron, General Manager of Johnson Controls Systems

The CardKey access control system features intelligent routing functionality which routes people to the best possible areas to exit a building in the event of a fire.

Additionally, CardKey features advanced intrusion detection which allows organisations to zone people into certain groups and customise functionality.

“The CardKey system is completely customisable.  It utilises a software configuration tool which allows it to pre-program defined parameters for group behaviours. Additionally the system includes neural behavioural algorithm which analyses certain patterns, flagging pattern changes and alerting the system that a potential security breach might take place,” says Cameron.

The CardKey access control system supports an unlimited number of identifiers such as card readers, smart cards, fingerprint readers and so forth.  Furthermore, the system’s rules can be associated with organisational ERP systems.

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Integrated security card key system