Mobile solution increases productivity by 20 percent

Insurance firm reports 20% increased staff productivity

Helen King an insurance broking operation, recently announced that it invested in Libra Mobile,a mobile phone recording solution, from Spescom DataVoice.

The mobile solution has reportedly enhanced customer service and increased staff productivity by as much as 20%.

Libra Mobile records mobile phone conversations, authenticates the calls using an electronic signature and uploads them onto a central server within the enterprise where they can be searched, retrieved, played, exported and emailed.

“As a short-term insurance broking house, recording and storing information accurately is vital; it is the basis on which insurance terms are arranged. Having the capability to record all conversations with our customers, whether at our desks or on the move, gives us an enormous advantage – one that stretches beyond the more obvious benefits such as customer satisfaction and increased productivity – it gives us the capability to meet legislative requirements,” said Ms King, Managing Member of the Helen King.

“We are keenly aware that our staff must on occasion use their mobile phones for personal calls. The Libra Mobile solutions gives all users the option to delete a recording if it is of a private nature. While the number called and the time of the call, and other such information remains on the log and can be audited by an authorised person, the recording of the conversation can be deleted,” added King.

“This state-of-the-art recording technology means our customers and our principals, insurance companies and underwriting managers, can rest assured that our business practices are impeccable,” concluded King.

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Mobile solution increases productivity by 20 percent