Microsoft Open Value shows immediate benefits

Adoption of Microsoft Open Value Licence displaying immediate benefits

Sanyati Holdings, a broad-based civil engineering and construction company, has a comprehensive inventory of installed hardware and software according to a recent audit completed by IT systems and consulting services provider, Datacentrix.

“The audit that Sanyati Holdings engaged in with Datacentrix formed the groundwork of understanding the company’s environment,” explains Marlene Brady, account manager at Datacentrix. “From here, we were able to propose a solution that would ensure that Sanyati was compliant and had both manageability and standardisation in place across the business.”

With the audit completed, Datacentrix proposed Microsoft’s Open Value Licence, a volume licensing programme for companies with fewer than 250 desktop computers, to take care of Microsoft compliancy requirements.

Although the project has just recently been completed, Clive Whittington, Sanyati Holdings IT manager, maintains that Sanyati is experiencing immediate benefits.

“We’ve standardised on our software, managing to avoid any illegal software being loaded as well as being completely up-to-date with the latest versions and patches from Microsoft. Sanyati has also scored from a cost saving perspective, now spending up to 35 percent less on our licence purchases. Furthermore, the procurement of additional licences is now a much easier process.”

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Microsoft Open Value shows immediate benefits