The Internet Home

Pre-installed communication lines within structures provides for a number of connection types

In response to a lack of communications infrastructure designed into modern homes ATEC Systems & Technologies has introduced the eHome concept, whereby connectivity services receive the same level of structured design and integration as other essentials do.

“In the modern household, the Internet and all it brings is considered indispensable; however, because it is added as an afterthought, homeowners have to deal with tangles of wires or be limited by slow wireless networks –which, while admittedly convenient, are somewhat restricted in their ability to deliver on the triple play promise of high speed Internet,” ATEC Chief Commercial Officer Gerhard Loots explains.

Instead of a tacked-on connection, ATEC works with the construction team to preinstall the required technology infrastructure for complete integration of high speed Internet from the outset. “The eHome enjoys voice, video and data technology throughout the house. Instead of adding a wired or wireless network as an appliance or part of the furniture, connectivity is built-in and lays the foundation for other applications such as home automation,” says Loots.

eHome integrates a number of connectivity services through a central distribution board which handles service provider services such as DSTV, ADSL and CCTV. “This creates one central point to manage and distribute all external services; these signals are distributed throughout the house via high-quality cables,” says Loots.

From telephones to water meters and security tags, eHome connects all home services into an effective property management system. With eHome infrastructure, are no messy and sub-standard cables in the house with everything combined on a single platform engineered to IEEE [Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers],” he concludes.

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The Internet Home