Quintum VoIP range guards against information loss

Features ‘survivor’ option which guards against information loss

Miro Distribution today announced the introduction of the Quintum product range to its Voice over IP offerings.

The VoIP industry has grown to a size where carrier class reliability is an absolute necessity, especially within the corporate environment and the emerging VoIP or SIP Carrier industry, and this is where the Quintum range of VoIP gateways fits in perfectly says Miro.

These gateways are designed to work for small-to-medium sized businesses and offer range of available hardware configurations. The gateways range from 2- 24 analogue port, 2-16 BRI ISDN port, and 2-8 PRI ISDN port configurations.

What really sets Quintum apart, says Miro, is the software features and built in intelligence. The Quintum Multipath gateways have the ability to intercept phone calls from a standard PABX (switchboard) going to a telephone line and decide whether to allow the call to reach the phone line, or intercept and send it over the internet to a VoIP service provider, resulting in a cheaper phone call.

Some of the Quintum product offerings also include a “Survivor” option which gives the gateway the functionality to allow VoIP telephone registrations in the event of a VoIP PABX system going down.

Quintum features include:

•    A choice between analogue, BRI, and PRI devices.
•    Software multi-monitoring package for continuous monitoring of Quintum gateways
•    ‘Survivor’ functionality – backup in the event of a VoIP server failure
•    Point-to-point functionality for remote gateway connectivity without using a SIP server.

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Quintum VoIP range guards against information loss