Accredited partners only

Partners must become accredited first for project management software

Project and portfolio management service provider, Post Vision Technology today announced that it will launch its new partner programme early next year.

According to Guy Jelley, CEO of Post Vision, partner accreditation and grading have become critically important in order to give customers better insight into the level of ability when engaging a Post Vision partner for the implementation of PPO (Project Portfolio Office), Post Vision’s locally developed project management software.

Provided on a SaaS platform, PPO is available on a hosted and rental basis over the Internet.

Currently, PPO implementation and consulting partner, Business Connexion (BCX) has set out to become one of the first partners to become certified and graded in line with the new programme’s four key areas, namely training, sales and marketing, implementation and support.

“We welcome the new partner model as it will differentiate the various Post Vision partners according to skill and experience,” says Andre Engelbrecht, Services Executive: Project Services at Business Connexion. “Our aim is to complete all the necessary requirements to obtain the highest accreditation as soon as possible“

PPO can be implemented in cycles, allowing a company to complete one stage and start using the application to track project progress and results while continuing to roll out the next phases.

PPO’s dashboard reporting also enables management to get an immediate and comprehensive overview of the company’s project portfolio, giving them a clear indication of where the value lies or highlighting problem areas.

“In order to benefit optimally from PPO, it is vital to perform a complete analysis of the project environment prior to implementation so that the software can be configured accurately from the outset,” Engelbrecht concludes.

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Accredited partners only