New conference phone

MeetingPoint supports up to 10 people

Even Flow Distribution, national distributor of IP hardware solutions today introduced snom’s first SIP four-way conference phone, the MeetingPoint, to the South African market.

snom MeetingPoints’ features include conference recording functionality and  OmniSound full duplex sound technology. The fourth generation snom SIP technology provides the MeetingPoint with advanced VoIP features and broad compatibility with IP PBX, hosted VoIP and Unified Communications (UC) solutions.

“The MeetingPoint unit incorporates features that are not available on equivalent IP conference phones currently available in the South African market,” says Adrian Bush, managing director of Even Flow, official trade distributors for snom in South Africa.

“This phone has been designed for businesses and business travelers looking for alternative means of overcoming location restraints without added expenses” he continues. “With the snom MeetingPoint users are now able to allow for a total of four external participants to attend their conferences from different locations internationally – without additional traveling costs or slow mail agreements.”

Additionally MeetingPoint is equipped with full duplex broadband audio (7 kHz, codec G.722), which enables it to support large conference groups of up to 10 people.

It also ensures compatibility with various IP PBX brands, including Asterisk, Mitel and Siemens . Additionally, the snom OCS software edition enables compatibility with the Microsoft OCS platform and allows for simultaneous registration to an OCS server and SIP PBX at the same time.

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New conference phone