Aspect leader in contact centre market

Unified Communications Solutions provider holds 29% of the market

Aspect, a unified communications (UC) solutions provider, announced recently that it is the leading global contact centre vendor for outbound capabilities according to a report from Datamonitor, an international business intelligence firm.

The Contact Centre Universe report found that Aspect holds 29 percent of the market, with the next leading vendor maintaining a 16 percent market share.

“Outbound contact centre capabilities continue to be heavily in demand in 2009 as companies search for advanced capabilities to reach their audiences at the right time for business processes that are critical to revenue goals, such as collections and sales,” said Ian Jacobs, senior analyst, Datamonitor.

“We’ve found that many companies are turning to Aspect for these outbound features due to the depth and breadth of the vendor’s offerings, in addition to their reputation in the market.”

Aspect offers outbound capabilities as part of a number of UC applications for the contact centre, including Blended Interaction and Streamlined Collections.

“More companies are looking to increase the effectiveness and productivity of their outbound contact centre processes, and our UC applications provide all the capabilities these organizations need to improve their outbound campaigns,” said Serge Hyppolite, director of interaction product management, Aspect.

“Our leadership in the outbound market offers a strong proof point that organizations are turning to Aspect for our innovative UC solutions, our reliability, scalability, reputation, and ultimately our ability to help improve their business results.”

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Aspect leader in contact centre market