Better building automation

Building managers will now have better access to building automation and regulation

Citect, a Schneider Electric company, recently announced the release of CitectFacilities V7.10.

CitectFacilities V7.10 includes a BACnet driver that facilitates a fully integrated system between multiple vendor building automation control products. This allows building managers to automate and regulate all functions across buildings.

“The new version of CitectFacilities allows building managers to increase their efficiency, flexibility and response times through real-time visibility and control of systems like heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, fire detection and alarms, and lighting,” explains Bruce Grobler, Automation General Sales Manager at Schneider Electric South Africa.

“Building managers will also gain increased confidence in their facilities management through the truly open interface and integrated system.”

CitectFacilities V7.10 includes Windows Integrated Security and support for Microsoft Windows Vista and also introduces Dual Signature functionality which provides a second level of authorisation for actions.

“CitectFacilities is an open and flexible facilities monitoring solution that is designed to manage large scale building environments, connecting multiple sites, functions and building control vendors,” concludes Grobler.

“While optimising energy consumption, property owners can not only protect their existing and future facilities but also save on the cost of tenant services.”

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Better building automation