Pressure to make networks more efficient

It’s not enough to simply keep a network running smoothly believe3s ST Group Executive

As network complexity grows, competition intensifies and operational budgets continue to feel the squeeze, the need to optimise business processes using appropriate technology has become a mission-critical priority believes the ST Group.

“It’s not enough to simply keep a network operating smoothly anymore,” explains Evan Davies, director at Spatial Technologies, part of the ST Group. “Businesses need coordinated network management and data availability in order to make the network more efficient, to deliver more and better services and to increase profitability,”

“Companies wanting to manage current inventories of network resources (both physical and logical) and define network and service configurations would do well to consider implementing ConnectMaster,”

The ConnectMaster solution, a product of Europe-based Dynamic Design, uses the location intelligence of Pitney Bowes MapInfo and is distributed in South Africa by preferred partner, ST Group.

It supports key business tasks for both physical inventory management and logical resource management within one integrated product.

“ConnectMaster is a comprehensive resource management platform that stores and manages all the physical and logical resources that a Communications Service Provider (CSP) and Infrastructure Service Provider (ISP) need to manage their network and services,” states Davies. “It is designed to enable intelligent automation of network processes, as well as service provision, and includes integrated network discovery and service activation capabilities.”

“The solution can show benefits across a variety of different network types,” Davies continues. “It supports the end-to-end engineering and management of fibre-optic networks and can establish the quality of a copper network, manage its components, trace the network at wire level through all equipment and can perform loop makeup reports.

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Pressure to make networks more efficient