Mobile drinking app launched

Absolut Vodka launches mobile drinking application for iPhone and Google Android

ABSOLUT VODKA has launched Drinkspiration, a sophisticated drink application combining the latest mobile technology with GPS, Twitter and Facebook. Drinkspiration by ABSOLUT is an interactive encyclopaedia of recipes that helps you find and share personalized drink recommendations based on spirit, taste, weather, time of day, bar vibe, sound volume, real-time drink trends and much more.

Currently available as a free app for iPhone and iPodTouch users, Drinkspiration is the No. 1 free app in Sweden and has been downloaded 43,000 times in its first 13 days on the iTunes App Store. A version created for Google Android will be unveiled at the Android Market later this summer.

“Have you ever found yourself in a bar without really knowing what to order? With Drinkspiration by ABSOLUT you’ll never have this problem again. Drinkspiration is your best friend in the bar, giving you guidance, personalized recommendations and an all-encompassing gateway to the drink universe, right in the palm of your hand.” said Fredrick Tallroth, Senior Manager Interactive Marketing at The Absolut Company.

The Drinkspiration application features hundreds of vividly illustrated drink recipes to satisfy every drink preference. The user can browse recipes or get personalized and insightful drink recommendations based on personal taste, location or occasion.

Drinkspiration by ABSOLUT also lets users share their location and real-time drink choices through Facebook and Twitter. Combined with GPS capabilities, a status update generated by the application could be “John is having a Bloody Mary in Buenos Aires”.

The application gives you a glimpse of the international nightlife scene. In the World Section you see what drinks are ordered in real time across the globe and the application automatically collects and highlights global drink trends and top lists – all made possible by GPS technology.

“We wanted to create the first interactive spirits application of its kind, combining top-of-the line mobile technology with social media interaction and user generated content,” said Fredrick Tallroth.

“Drinkspiration by ABSOLUT solves any drink dilemma, quickly and in an inspiring way.”

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Mobile drinking app launched