Novell and McAfee offer a combined approach to security

Both now have McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator

Local distributors Workgroup today announced that Novell and McAfee now have enhanced McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO).

This combined approach will accelerate and pinpoint response to potential threats and provide administrators with the ability to automatically enforce security and identity access-related policies.

This is according to Sally Berimbau, Novell product manager at Workgroup who says that current ePO software customers will be able to use Novell Sentinel to create an ‘identity aware’ environment using real-time monitoring and remediation of network events to better manage and mitigate business risk.

“Sentinel is a solution that ties identities, systems and data together to deliver a centralised view of business operations through an automated process that can stop violations before they happen,” she says.

“Sentinel will allow ePO software users to track network activity that is deemed non-compliant, in violation, or suspect, and to receive alerts through the ePO console or through reports provided by Sentinel. Events and alerts can be collected from ISP devices and multiple network access control (NAC) products.”

The new offering will be delivered as a result of Novell joining McAfee’s SIA technology partnering program, created to help accelerate the development of interoperable security products and to simplify the integration of these products within complex customer environments.

As part of the program, Novell will implement data and policy integration features between Sentinel and the ePO console, McAfee’s centralised security and compliance management system.

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Novell and McAfee offer a combined approach to security