LG goes green

Electronics manufacturer outlines environmental initiatives

LG recently announced the publishing of its 2009 Environmental Report, containing details of the company’s environmentally-focused initiatives and progress to date.

In the foreword, LG Electronics’ Vice Chairman and CEO Yong Nam states how LG management and employees are united in carrying-out activities to reduce waste during the manufacturing and product development process. LG will be a leader “in achieving sustainable growth and creating a green future,” he says.

The 70-page 2009 Environmental Report is arranged into four sections — Green Management, Green Products Strategy, Green Manufacturing and Green Communication. The Environmental Report will be published once a year by the Eco Strategy Team, which is headed by the office of the Chief Technology Officer. Related data will be gathered and analyzed based on the prior years’ results. The report includes information from the entire LG network, which includes 84 overseas subsidiaries.

LG first declared its commitment to the environment with its Cleaner Environment campaign launched in 1994.

The slogan changed to Life’s Good when it’s Green this year as LG announced more ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The program addresses production and product areas separately, with a greenhouse gas emissions reduction target of 150,000 tons for production and 30 million tons for product development.

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LG goes green