Five reasons to include mobile in your next campaign

Mobile is growing rapidly and should not be ignored, according to Strike Media

Africa is the fastest-growing telecommunication industry in the world with cellphone penetration in South Africa currently at 98%. This growth in mobile technology is expected to impact traditional marketing and advertising.

So why should mobile form part of your marketing campaign?

Mobile platform capability:

Multi-media content can be suited for display on mobile devices, from simple text through to images, audio, and video.

Valuable database of contact details:
Detailed customer data can build profiles for ongoing marketing activity. One of the most useful things any mobile campaign can deliver is information to drive the next one. Relevant information such as a postal code can reveal where a customer lives; a year of birth will provide their age; an ID number gives that and more.

Create dialogue with customers:
Consumers are showing a propensity towards two-way dialogue, preferring to engage with brands and products as part of their purchasing process. Mobile forms an easy-to-use, interactive platform and has popularly been coined the ‘Mobile Interactivity Revolution’.

Geographically limitless:
Location based advertising is no longer required when working with the mobile platform. Multiple, strategically placed adverts are no longer necessary as a sms reaches your customer directly, wherever they are. This is more effective and the cheaper advertising solution.

Measurability of campaign:
A mobile platform allows for message delivery reports and read receipts. When there is a call to action, responses can be measured. A mobile campaign has a response rate of 15 X higher than traditional marketing.

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Five reasons to include mobile in your next campaign