New widgets for business users

IBM releases new widgets for business users

IBM today announced the first two in a new initiative to develop software widgets for a number of business needs.

New Lotus Notes software widgets for travel management and professional social networking are now available. TripIt and LinkedIn applications can each now be opened via single sign-on right from the familiar Lotus Notes desktop screen, enabling and simplifying the management of travel and business networking for millions of workers worldwide.

“Notes is the first open collaboration software to be able to provide users with desktop direct access by both LinkedIn and TripIt. This demonstrates the versatility of Lotus Notes in Web collaboration,” said Kevin Cavanaugh, vice president, Messaging and Collaboration, IBM Software. “Whatever Lotus customers need, there’s a widget for that.”

TripIt organizes trip details into one master online itinerary, even if arrangements are booked at multiple travel sites. It automatically includes maps, directions and weather into a master itinerary and gives travelers the option to add restaurants, theater tickets and other activities for the trip.

“TripIt is used by business travelers around the world to manage travel information and increase productivity while on the road,” said Scott Hintz, vice president, Business Development, and co-founder, TripIt. “Bringing TripIt directly to the Lotus Notes desktop now makes it easier than ever for millions of business travelers to keep their travel in synch with the rest of their professional lives.”

LinkedIn is an online network of more than 43 million business professionals in more than 200 countries. With the new LinkedIn micromashup software capability for Lotus Notes, users can access the world’s most popular professional network directly from their desktops. Features include a stream of LinkedIn network updates, people search with one-click, and access to view LinkedIn Professional profiles right within Notes.

“LinkedIn was created so that professionals could more effectively stay in touch with their trusted contacts, and learn more about new people they work with,” said Ellen Levy, vice president, Corporate Development and Strategy, LinkedIn. “Now that LinkedIn is an integral part of the professional’s daily work flow in Lotus Notes, we anticipate that our users will get even more value from frequent, useful interactions with their professional networks.”

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New widgets for business users