Download SA Music for R9.99

Thousands of tracks to be downloaded locally for R9.99 each

Local digital music company Exact Mobile today announced the launch of eXactMusic.

eXactMusic offers an outstanding selection of over one million full tracks, in both mobile and PC formats. Sites have been launched on WEB and WAP, and promise a quicker, more efficient user experience, at the competitive price of R9.99 per track.

“Simplicity is key to the consumer” says Exact Mobile CEO Davin Mole. “We have been working on eXactMusic system for almost two years and we are very proud to launch this world class service, developed right here in South Africa. The new service has been designed to be deceptively simple. Although the user perceives a very quick and easy online experience, we have very powerful engines in the back end driving a very sophisticated system.”

eXactMusic is fully licensed by four major international record labels as well as over 70 South African labels and independent artists, across a number of genres.

“We have focused specifically on South African music,” comments Gillian Ezra, music manager for Exactmobile. “Although the service does offer the best in international music, we believe we offer more South African music than any other digital music service.”

The new eXactMusic system is also on offer as a business to business service and is already being used in several client partner services, including the Juice WAP portal and the 94.7 Music Shop on web and mobile internet. A customized version of the eXactMusic site will soon be available via the MWEB homepage, offering recommendations personalised to the MWEB client base.

The system also offers users a variety of payment options including the user’s mobile account, credit card and the mimoney virtual payment mechanism. The standard price on the site is R9.99, although a track is charged at R16.99 if payment is via the mobile account, due to the increase in merchant charges.

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Download SA Music for R9.99