Corel Painter 11 released

Artists get a new digital palette

Workgroup has announced the local availability of Corel’s Painter 11 – an update to Corel’s digital painting and illustration program which has been designed specifically around customer and user requests.

“Since its inception, Painter has set a standard in painting and illustration software,” says Kevin George, Corel product manager at Workgroup. “With version 11, artists can now expand their digital toolset with advanced painting and natural media tools.

“This includes new pressure-sensitive brushes that allow hand and brush to work fluidly as one, producing high texture and precision brushstrokes with enhanced drawing tools and customisable media, which results in distinct, realistic art.”

With Painter 11, artists can expand their digital toolset with painting media designed to extend the capabilities of digital photography programs such as Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo and Adobe Photoshop. New colour management tools improve colour recognition when importing files from other applications and individual colour profiles per document create greater colour accuracy for each file.

“For users looking to embark on an artistic education, Painter 11 offers the ability to experiment with colour theory and composition faster than in a traditional environment and without the toxins and mess,” says George. “With the option to undo brushstrokes and other effects, this digital art studio provides the ability to experiment in an unlimited capacity, giving students, teachers, and other new users the confidence to explore a wide variety of artistic techniques.”

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Corel Painter 11 released