IS launches hosted Blackberry solution

Blackberry Enterprise Server now available through Internet Solutions

Internet Solutions (IS) today announced the launch of a hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server offering in South Africa.

The service offers the security and functionality of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution through an outsourced version of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server software.

“Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server provided by IS will offer both small and large enterprises a hosted solution that offers many of the same features as an installed BlackBerry Enterprise Solution deployment at a fixed cost-effective monthly subscription fee,” says Hayden Lamberti, General Manager of Application Solutions at IS.

“Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server combines trusted BlackBerry smartphone features, functionality, and advanced security capabilities, in a package that’s managed and supported for business customers by IS.”

A hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server solution allows businesses of all sizes to maintain multiple channels of communication with their customers, increasing the immediacy of their responses.

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IS launches hosted Blackberry solution