New software to manage virtual servers

Virtualised management gets a boost

IBM today announced new systems software for managing virtualized servers. IBM is also announced an upgraded path to its next-generation servers that will include POWER7 microprocessors.

The new systems software –IBM Systems Director VMControl– gives clients a tool to manage heterogeneous virtual servers. It allows users to discover, display, monitor and locate virtual resources; create and manage virtual servers; and deploy and manage workloads with a common interface across IBM Systems.

“IBM is serious about addressing clients’ needs for virtualization management,” said Scott Handy, vice president, IBM Power Systems. “The new VMControl software helps clients reduce total cost of ownership and provides them with the tools needed to both better manage and get more business value out of their heterogeneous virtual computing environments.”

IBM also announced an upgrade path to the next-generation of Power Systems based on the POWER7 microprocessor. In addition to existing customers, clients can purchase a POWER6 based 570 or 595 server today, and can then upgrade their existing system when POWER7 becomes available.

For either system, once upgraded to POWER7, applications from POWER6 systems can be moved to the newly upgraded Power 595 or Power 570 servers using IBM’s PowerVM Live Partition Mobility or AIX Live Application Mobility software, without impacting availability of the applications.

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New software to manage virtual servers